New Europe Railway Heritage Trust

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What is the New Europe Railway Heritage Trust?

NERHT is a voluntary society founded in 1999 to help railway preservation in the former Soviet Union and the other ex-Communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe. NERHT is registered in England as a charity. Read our Constitution.

Our role is to provide advice and develop links. Our panel of specialist consultants includes senior railwaymen, museum specialists and other experts who are able to visit projects in the New Europe and give advice.

Although NERHT is a small organization we are able to help in all sorts of ways. We do this by working closely with public and private sector bodies of all kinds. Over the years we have built up valuable links with politicians, officials and others, including those involved in international cooperation of all kinds.

In the field of railway preservation NERHT is a member of Fedecrail (the European Federation of Museum and Tourist Railways) and the Heritage Railway Association which represents preserved railways throughout Britain. Through these two umbrella bodies we have access to a wide range of expertise, as well as links to European and national governments. NERHT has arranged for several railways and museums in the East to join Fedecrail.

Other NERHT activities include:


15: On the Ekaterinburg children's railway in Russia: a steam train headed by ex-Mansfeld O&K 0-8-0 no.9 marks<BR>the first meeting of the All-Russian Forum on Narrow Gauge Preservation. (Photo by courtesy of Sergei Dorozhkov) 8: Ukraine, Vyhoda Forestry Railways - International Conference special train at Novy Mizun with Tu4 (Photo by J. Fuller). 11: On the Biczaczady Railway in the Carpathians in 2013. (Photo by Jonathan Sutton) 5: Inauguration of 'Marisa' steam locomotive at Gulbene 17/6/2005 (Photo by J. Fuller). 17: Trains at Panevezys in Lithuania, during the 2016 Feldbahnen festival. (Photo by Andris Biedrins).
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