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Visiting the New Europe

Visiting the ex-Communist countries today is far easier than in the past. Independent travel is now an option, while several tour operators offer a range of package holidays, including both trips for railway enthusiasts and rail-based holidays for ordinary tourists. Our events page gives information on steam days and other attractions of which we have received details.

Tourist railways and museums in the East are often in remote locations. They may not be open on a regular basis, so you should consider checking with the management before making travel arrangements (NERHT may be able to provide contact details).

See the Foreign and Commonwealth Office web site for travel advice, including details of visa requirements where applicable.

1: NERHT practical help - Fran Cooper and Mike Pease constructing a<BR>narrow gauge turnout at Gulbene in Summer 2002 (Photo by A. Beidrins) 11: On the Biczaczady Railway in the Carpathians in 2013. (Photo by Jonathan Sutton) 4: Inauguration of 'Marisa' steam locomotive at Gulbene 17/6/2005 (Photo by J. Fuller). 7: Locomotive on shed at Pereslavl Narrow Gauge Railway Museum near Moscow. 8: Ukraine, Vyhoda Forestry Railways - International Conference special train at Novy Mizun with Tu4 (Photo by J. Fuller).
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