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In 2001, NERHT and Fedecrail successfully lobbied the Lithuanian authorities to save the country's last narrow gauge railway from Paneve×ys to AnykÜciai. We now support the new company which is developing this line for tourism.

The Lithuanian Government has decreed that the routes north from Paneve×ys to JoniÜkelis, Pasvalys and Bir×ai are to be reopened for tourism, but a lot of restoration work will be required, so it is a long term project. Currently (2012) the route from Paneve×ys is closed because of viaduct repairs, but a regular summer service from AnykÜciai to Rubikiai is run, which allows a visit to Rubikiai E×eras (Lake). Special trains are also run from AnykÜciai in the opposite direction ľ see for details.

There is a plinthed KP4-708 locomotive outside Paneve×ys Station, but a similar 0-8-0 locomotive on loan from the Lavassaare Museum in Estonia provided special steam hauled trains in September 2009. There are no operational steam locomotives in Lithuania at present (Feb 2012).

There is an excellent museum at AnykÜciai.

The Union of Supporters of the Lithuanian Narrow Gauge Railway also have a website at

Tu2 on Special train May 2002 (Photo J. Fuller)

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